Why You Should Buy Leather Shoes For Your Child

Why You Should Buy Leather Shoes For Your Child

February 16, 2021

Leather shoes have been around for generations and there is a reason for it. Here at Odelia Shoes, we listed reasons why we think you should buy your child leather shoes:

  1. Leather shoes allow your child’s foot to breath naturally by allowing air in to cool their feet. This also prevents the feet from smelling, catching bacteria and fungi.

  2. Leather shoes also have incredible durability. We all know our little ones love to run around and climb objects. Having shoes made of leather will allow them to last much longer than buying shoes made of synthetic materials. The strength of natural leather does offer your child more protection against objects falling, as well.

  3. Leather shoes provide comfort and have a better fit. The natural leather material will mould into the shape of your child’s foot. Other materials will often feel hard against the foot and won’t adjust to the natural foot shape. Not every child’s foot is exactly the same, so remember that leather adapts to your child, giving extra comfort if sized properly. That being said, we do not recommend passing on shoes to siblings.

  4. Leather shoes are so easy to clean compared to other fabrics. Leather is easy to wash down with a damp cloth and they dry so easily since they’re a breathable material. We also recommend you read our, “How to Clean Natural Leather Shoes” article. Our article goes over big “No, No’s” too. 

  5. May we say that our leather shoe selections are stylish? We think so! Leather shoes are so classic and never go out of style. Leather shoes naturally give that classy, luxury look and feel. 

  6. Using synthetic materials to make shoes is terrible for the environment! When purchasing natural leather shoes, you should feel good knowing that no harmful chemicals were used to create it. Considering that these shoes are for your child, you should feel so great about that. 


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