Our Story

Our company carries European shoes that assist in proper foot development during the most crucial time of a child's foot development.

"Did you know that in Europe, kids’ shoes are regarded as “health products” rather than fashion items? This is the main reason why European shoes are made to the highest quality standards imposed by European manufacturing." - Juan Valenzuela, Founder of Fitting Children's Shoes

That is why we choose to import quality, hand-made children’s shoes from countries in Europe. Our brands use the finest quality materials like natural leather and are approved by many Orthopedists and Pediatricians. 

Our shoes at Odelia are specifically designed to assist in the prevention of future orthopedic problems that your child may develop, assist in proper posture development, and also can help correct current problems, such as:

  • over pronation

  • flat feet

  • pigeon toeing

Why are we so passionate about properly made children's shoes?

Magdalena, the owner of Odelia Shoes, has ankles that overpronate. Which means, her ankles fall inwards with every step taken. She just recently discovered that she has this issue and spent most of her life annoyed by shoes because most of them were not comfortable for her. From having her feet fall out of her flip-flops, to having her boots and sneakers indent inwards, she never understood why shoes were made to be so uncomfortable. It wasn’t until recently that her husband told her that’s not how everyone feels. After researching, Magdalena discovered that she has overpronation. Some people cannot prevent overpronation because it may be genetic, but they can reduce its effect through the use of proper footwear.

As a mom, Magdalena became very cautious with the shoes she purchased for her toddler son knowing that he may develop a similar condition. She started to research the best shoes for her son and realized that in her home country of Poland, there are many shoe manufacturers that meet the criteria she was looking for. Not only did they meet her criteria, but they received many awards from their country certifying they are the best of the best! One day, she decided that she needs to spread this news to other parents in the United States. So, she opened her own shoe store!

What we look for in the shoes we carry:

  • 100% Natural Leather 

  • Orthopedic arch support and cushioning

  • Breathable leather soles, which aid in prevention of bacterial and fungal growth

  • Lightweight and flexible

  • Firm Heel Support

  • Fashionable Aspect (they MUST be cute)

At Odelia, we strive to provide durable shoes made of eco-friendly materials so that your child outgrows their shoes before they wear out. You could end up saving money  in the long run since your child’s shoes will last so long!

We’d love to welcome you to Odelia Shoes and hope you will enjoy knowing you’re improving your child’s physical development. 

Please feel free to send us an email if you have any comments or questions: info@odeliashoes.com


By the way, meet Magdalena, her husband Jerry and darling little boy, Leon. We hope to meet you one day at at one of our Southern California Pop-Up Shops!

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