Size Guide

How to Measure a Child’s Foot at Home


With online shopping being at an all time high, it’s important to know how to properly measure your child’s foot at home prior to purchasing shoes.

Odelia Shoes created a very easy downloadable print out sheet for your use at home. 

 odelia shoes childrens shoes size guide in euro, us, and centimeters


Before you make the time to measure your child’s feet, it’s important to note that the best time of the day to check your child’s shoe size is in the afternoon or evening. That is because whether you're a child or an adult, our feet swell throughout the day. We want to make sure your little one’s shoes fit perfectly at any time of the day! 


Pull out the following items to complete your little one's measurements:

  • Printer
  • 8x5"x11" Standard Printing Paper
  • Writing Utensil
  • Credit Card (to make sure you printed the sheet out with the appropriate scale)


If you’re ready to measure your child’s feet now, simply follow our steps:

  1. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD our file to your computer. 

    Please note that it’s important to make sure you print the sheet at “100%” or “ACTUAL SIZE”. You may need to make this adjustment in your printer settings. The reason is so the scale can be accurate for measuring your little’s feet. We also provide you with an option to place your credit card for scale on the indicated spot of the sheet, so you can make sure that you printed it correctly. 

  2. Once you know your scale is adequate, you will place the sheet of paper on a flat surface, such as your floor. Do not place it on a carpet.

  3. Go ahead and grab a writing utensil and bring your little one over. If you’re planning on having your kid wear socks with shoes, it’s best to measure the foot with those socks on. 
    Please make sure you measure your child's foot WITHOUT their shoes on. This means their bare foot or with a sock on. :)

  4. Next, have your child stand on the paper, placing their right heel on the indicated spot.

  5. Take your writing utensil and mark the spot where the longest toe ends. The longest toe does not necessarily mean the big toe, as children may have a longer second or third toe.

  6. Once you’re done, repeat the same with the left foot. At this time you might realize that one of your child’s feet may be longer than the other. It’s absolutely normal! We actually were surprised when we realized our toddler’s right foot is longer than his left. What is important is for you to buy shoes based on the longer foot measurements.

  7. Once you have indicated the longer foot, add a line no less than 0.5cm and no more than 1.0cm. This gives your cutie pie some wiggle room for growth. 

Now you have your child’s proper foot size! 

Please note: Each shoe type and brand may vary in sizing, so we took the extra step to measure the shoe insole for you. Please follow the insole measurement listed on each product page to get the most accurate size. 

You may also reach out to us anytime with any sizing questions. Just send us an email to